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Ayuvia is an innovative natural healing center that merges the best of Eastern and Western medicine.

“Ayu” in Sanskrit implies long life, and “Via” in Latin means path. Ayuvia focuses on the journey toward wellness and a long and healthy life, using tools and techniques selected from the best of ancient and modern modalities of therapeutic, manipulative and consultative healing.

Ayuvia, housed in Crozer-Keystone’s comprehensive healthcare complex in Glen Mills, unites the best of eastern and western medicine under one brand and one roof.  Our natural healers use alternative therapies to help clients deal with a wide variety of health issues — while still staying in communication with physicians in conventional care.  Every team member shares in our vision and goal of aligning protocols to produce optimal health outcomes.

Clients come to us for services from Chaddsford, Greenville, Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Boothwyn, West Chester, Kennett Square and North Wilmington.

A story that combines your needs with our mission.

Ayuvia’s own journey involves social entrepreneurs, healers of chronic illnesses and wellness seekers committed to making alternative medicine mainstream both clinically coordinated and affordable.

Our story starts with our founder and her journey from the East to the West, from corporate innovation to social entrepreneurship, from chronically ill to taking back one day at a time and making the most of the quality of life — no matter how scary or challenging even the smallest of tasks might seem.

Our story extends to our practitioners, who have chosen the path of healing through their dedication and commitment to improving clients’ quality of everyday life. Their treatment modalities in alternative medicine and behavioral therapy have traditionally fallen outside the realm of the conventional health care industry. Today, they work in concert with mainstream physicians.

Most important, our story focuses on our clients, who seek wellness and mindfulness. Their search within conventional medicine has not led to complete relief and comfort. They have tried and tested various treatments, and for years and years nothing has worked.

Our mission is to bring Ayuvia to communities across America, where any wellness seeker can easily access and personalize a medically coordinated plan to best manage the struggles and risks of chronic illness.

Ayuvia_About_01A personalized wellness experience for you.

Care coordination involves organizing patient care activities and sharing information with all health care practitioners concerned with a patient’s care, to achieve safer and more effective results. This means that the patient’s needs and preferences are identified and communicated at the right time, to the right people, and that this information is used to provide safe, appropriate and effective care to the patient.

We’re committed to personalized services that include:

  • Establishing accountability and agreeing on responsibility.
  • Communicating and sharing knowledge.
  • Helping with transitions of care.
  • Assessing client needs and goals.
  • Creating a proactive care plan.

A path to a long and healthy life.

More than one-third of Americans are living with one or more clinically diagnosed diseases by the time they are in their 30s. Through their lifetime, with every passing decade, comorbidities increase, symptoms deteriorate and the risk of complications worsens. However, with simple behavioral changes and consultative and therapeutic interventions, disease progression can be slowed and everyday quality of life can be improved.

That path to wellness starts at Ayuvia. Won’t you join us on this important journey?

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If you want to decrease the stress in your life and regain control of your mental and physical wellbeing, Ayuvia has a plan just for you.