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Acupuncture and hypnosis combine to holistically address your pain, stress or weight management.

Ayuvia practitioners view the whole person, whether you come to us for pain management, stress reduction or weight loss. Our fully credentialed practitioners see you as a physical being with strong emotional influences, all of which must be addressed for complete healing. Our practitioners carefully assess your level of pain and stress, observe how they affect your whole person, and decide which therapies will best help you.

Ayuvia works with your medical doctor to help you heal more comfortably and quickly, helping you understand the origins of your discomfort so you may avoid them in the future.

Our practitioners have mastered an arsenal of healing arts.

Their healing hands can help you significantly reduce your pain, cope with stress or shed unhealthy pounds—conditions that may put you at risk of developing disease and prevent you from being the person you want to be.

Ayuvia practitioners think preventively. They know that pain is best managed before it becomes severe. Mild to moderate pain is easier to manage than severe pain. Pain left untreated also causes pain in other parts of the body. A good example of this is when pain in one foot causes you to put more weight on the other foot. In one or two days, your unbalanced weight causes you to develop pain on the other side of your body.

See how our treatments tackle pain, stress and weight:

Ayuvia_How_We_Heal_01Acupuncture and Acupressure

Alleviate both pain and tension caused by stress. The result is relaxed muscles, which translate into a state of calm. If you’re also struggling with weight issues, you may find that acupuncture helps reduce your cravings. Emotional or stress eating is a habit that you can eliminate from your life.


Aids in the relief of chronic pain by helping the patient steer his or her mind away from it. It’s a mind-over-matter principle that really works. Hypnotherapy also aids in relaxation, reducing the damaging effects of stress on the mind and body. And weight loss aided by hypnotherapy, combined with complementary methods like diet and exercise, can help you gain control of your behavior so unhealthy choices don’t control you. Other psychosocial therapies, such as meditation and mindfulness practices, complement therapies for pain, stress and weight control.

Ayuvia_How_We_Heal_03Homeopathic Remedies

May be added to your treatment plan to further reduce pain, stress and cravings. These gentle substances given in minute amounts work with other therapies to get you to your comfort zone faster.


Especially deep-tissue massage, releases toxins from your body and gets your energy flowing, helping relieve pain and stress and curbing nervous eating habits.

Our alternative therapies complement your physician’s advice and effectively restore balance in the mind, body and spirit.

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