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Wellness is a journey that can be brought to work easily.

Ayuvia is creating simple options every day to make wellness accessible. Explore five unique ways to bring wellness to your work.

1. …in our seasonal workshop series

Homeopathic Remedies for Seasonal Allergy:

Homeopathy is the second most commonly used medicine in the world. It is a gentle and safe, yet powerful form of healing.

21 Ways in 21 Days with Farm Fresh Food:

When trying to lose 5 pounds or 50 -the challenges are the same! Learn more about long-term weight management.

Stress Release with Hypnotherapy:

Join us to find out how it works best! Learn about celebrities who benefited from hypnosis.

Manage Pain & Elevate Energy with Acupuncture:

Explore alternatives in managing your pain as you enjoy the outdoors this spring. Bike, hike, run or walk — pain free. Avoid surgery. Reduce pain killers.

2. …your clients to expand and grow your results

Are you a trainer or a coach at the top of your game?

Are you an athlete training to perform at your best?

If you are looking to excel in performance with medicine free options, look no further.

ProTrain with NoPain Program is an effective Partnership for optimal pain, energy and weight management.

3. …your employees with a gift of wellness

The journey of healing is personal and mindful. It is for those seeking relief from stress and emotional turmoil that illness brings in its wake.

It is for those who select a path of evaluation, education and engagement towards wellness.

It is for those who want to share this journey with their loved ones.

Embark on this journey here. Inspire a friend, colleague or a family member to join you.

4. …your clients, donors and supporters at events

Hosting an event and would like to increase attendance?

Need to recognize and thank donors and supporter?

Take advantage of our Perfect Gift program.

We can help promote your event and have customized gifts for your attendees.

5. …your health and wellness innovations

Are you a healthcare entrepreneur?

Are you looking to explore a new market?

Are you too small to open your own store?

Do you want more customers?

Would you like to partner with an integrated team?

Are you trying to grow your Revenue and Sales?

Would you like to put your products on new shelves?

Call us to learn more about our low-cost introductory services that start at $69 for both massage and acupuncture!