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A common challenge while training for a sport, marathon or in a Gym, is pain from injury and over use of muscle. Turning to painkiller for help may impact performance and surgery  can involve risks and take a long time to heal from.

How Ayuvia helps overcome

At Ayuva our Pain Management and Weight Management programs are customized to optimize athletic performance and improve overall health outcomes as well.  Our Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist, Hypnotherapist and Health Coach will collaborate to customize a plan that balances the sports goals and health goals, making sure both are achievable.

Getting Started

Whether you are a trainer, coach, or an athlete, you come across this challenge often. Refer to Ayuvia practitioners for help. Sign up for our Referral program to not just help your clients and colleagues but expand your revenue stream.

Are you a Trainer or a Coach at the top of your game?

Are you an athlete training to perform at your best?

If you are looking to excel in performance with medicine free options, look no further ProTrain with NoPain Program. An effective Partnership for optimal pain, energy and weight management

ProTrain with NoPain Program

Call us to learn more about our low-cost introductory services that start at $69 for both massage and acupuncture!