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Be health smart when you partner with an Ayuvia practitioner. We are now the preferred choice for those seeking to blend the best of clinical and alternative options in northern Delaware, south western suburbs of Philadelphia and South Jersey. Clients driving close to an hour have said, the results make it worth it!

We are all familiar with the struggles of trying and giving up. It is frustrating to not see the results.
Here is an option to get started safely, & see results quickly. If you need it, get help until you are OK to manage on your own. Discover what is behind your all consuming cravings. Learn how to overcome them in the long run.

Our most popular introductory program is Group Hypnotherapy! You can sign up for jump starting weight loss, quit smoking and release stress triggers. Each session is limited to five seats and they fill up very quickly. Please sign up below to learn more about timings and availability or give us a call.

Group  Hypnotherapy : Lose Weight or Quit Smoking

Hypnosis predates modern day stress  by a few centuries. This age-old technique can effectively manage  stress, help you quit smoking and lose weight. Join us to find out how it works best! Learn about celebrities who benefitted from Hypnosis.

Manage Pain & Elevate Energy with Acupuncture

Explore alternatives in managing your pain as you enjoy an active lifestyle. Bike, Hike, Run or Walk – Pain Free. Avoid surgery. Reduce pain killers. 

21 Ways in 21 Days for Weight Loss

When trying to lose 5 pounds or 50 -the challenges are the same! Learn more about long-term weight management rather than short-term extreme weight reduction through our 21 Ways in 21 Days.

Call us to learn more about our low-cost introductory services that start at $69 for both massage and acupuncture!