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If you work with non profits and community organizations, you are always faced with ensuring a vibrant attendance  at events and fundraisers. A gift of health an wellness to incent and thank event attendees and donors is a great differentiators everyone will remember and appreciate.

Give one of our special gifts, at no cost to you! It’s a FREE gift that does good.

  • Acupuncture: has been shown to dramatically reduce stress and anxiety, promote concentration/focus and boost immunity.
  • Massage:  can eliminate fatigue; address a stiff neck, aching wrists or tired shoulders.  It can also lessen muscle tension and elevate energy levels.
  • Nutrition: focused one on one sessions help eliminate cravings & increase energy. With ongoing tracking, weight management becomes attainable

We will help market your event through our newsletter, and all social media networks.

Make your events a great success. Blow you fundraising goals through the roof. Make every guest feel special and appreciated.

We can have you setup in a few minutes! We will support your events in person at no cost to you, with customized solutions based on your needs. No credit cards required

Call us to learn more about our low-cost introductory services that start at $69 for both massage and acupuncture!