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Without treatment, stress takes its toll on the body and mind.

Everyone experiences stress in just about all of life’s situations—at home, at work, while driving—and the constant tension eats away at our physical and mental well-being. Sometimes we’re not even aware of our stressed state and its effects.

Stress is a natural defense mechanism that warns us of a threat; in brief bursts, it serves its purpose. But 24-hour-a-day stress is extremely harmful.

Depression, anxiety and insomnia are all linked to stress. It can affect a person’s social life, causing people to stay home and avoid interaction with others. Stress can affect people’s careers, forcing them to pass up new opportunities or feel stuck in a rut. The emotional cocktail caused by stress extends into the body, wreaking havoc on the immune system and disrupting the body’s ability to heal and maintain health.

Of course, a diagnosis can also cause distress, not only in the person affected but also in loved ones, who need to learn how to cope. For some people, stress can lead to weight gain or weight loss, insomnia, headaches, pain, hypertension, stomach and bowel problems, and fatigue. The list gets longer as scientists learn more about the destructive effects of stress.

Ayuvia_Pain_Reduce_Stress_Enjoy_Life_01Ayuvia alleviates stress through therapies that heal and relax the mind and body.

Perhaps you are trying to alleviate the stress in your life through some helpful means, such as yoga and meditation. If you need more help, Ayuvia offers highly effective therapies, such as acupuncture and hypnotherapy. Our approach to stress management has attracted clients from Delaware County, Chester County and Philadelphia County.

When you come to our holistic health center, we delve into the stressors in your life and create a treatment plan that will alleviate your stress and its associated afflictions. The plan could include any of the methods below.


Lowers stress hormones (cortisol) that agitate nerves, tighten muscles, and cause discomfort or pain.


Increases circulation in tight muscles and relaxes them. As the muscle pain subsides, so does the stress.

Ayuvia_Pain_Reduce_Stress_Enjoy_Life_04Psychosocial Therapy

Includes meditation and mindfulness practices. The mind-calming techniques of meditation can be practiced anytime and anywhere to instantly de-stress.


Helps clients get to the root of their stress and anxiety. Shedding light on the hidden triggers of stress frees you from the sometimes-powerful effects they have on the mind.


Remedies are safer substitutions for sedative medications. They work by gently nudging the body to calm itself through natural substances. There is no one homeopathic remedy for everyone, and there is no mixture of remedies suitable for everyone. Our practitioners are knowledgeable about the most effective homeopathic remedies and work with you and your body’s responses to find just the right ones to reduce your stress.

Ayuvia_Pain_Reduce_Stress_Enjoy_Life_07Health Coaching

Focuses on weight gain caused by stress and guides you toward better nutrition that curbs cravings. Stress makes us crave foods high in fat, sugar and salt. Health coaching provides ways for you to avoid these unhealthy cravings.

If you want to decrease the stress in your life and regain control of your mental and physical well-being, Ayuvia has a plan just for you. Contact us at 610-358-8822 to get started.