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Finally, a natural weight loss program that empowers you to establish and maintain a healthy weight for life.

Weight loss is hard! The longer you struggle with yo-yo diets, the tougher it is to get lasting results. With each pound gained back, you become more uncertain that you’ll ever reach your goals. The seemingly never-ending cycle keeps you on an emotional roller coaster, crippling your confidence and will power.

To make matters worse, the extra weight puts you at higher risk for developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer and a host of other debilitating diseases.

If you’re disheartened by your inability to lose weight permanently, perhaps other factors are impeding your progress and need to be addressed. At this stage of the weight-loss battle, you need a coach and an ally. You need an Ayuvia personal health coach.

Ayuvia_Weight_Loss_Success_01At Ayuvia, our breakthrough weight-loss program relies on encouraging small behavioral changes that last.

Many factors contribute to unhealthy weight. It’s not always as simple as food intake and activity levels. You’re more likely to change your behavior when you understand why you’ve been losing weight, only to gain it back. Our program helps you dig deep and understand your past challenges.

Our natural healers at Ayuvia become your weight-loss coaches. We find your body mass index (BMI) and determine by how many pounds you’re overweight or underweight. We talk to you about the stress you may be experiencing and a possible food addiction or aversion. We recognize that hormone levels play a large part in a person’s weight. We identify all the reasons for your unhealthy weight and address those factors.

Try other natural therapies, such as acupuncture and hypnosis.

With a combination of health coaching, acupuncture and hypnotherapy, Ayuvia may help you lose weight and keep it off.

Acupuncture, which uses fine needles inserted through the skin at specific energy pathways to stimulate endorphins, has been found useful in decreasing appetite. Acupuncture may balance your hormones.

Hypnotherapy, which uses relaxation to reach a heightened state of awareness, helps retrain the brain toward healthier eating.

Neither treatment is a solution by itself, and each approach must accompany healthy eating and regular exercise for optimal success.

Reach your weight-loss goals for as little as $66 per month.

With an Ayuvia health coach at your side, you lose the weight and learn to keep it off. In addition to helping you set goals and make smart food choices, this program teaches you to:

  • Ensure you’re making good choices every day
  • Differentiate between good and bad calories
  • Plan meals and develop discipline to stay focused on your goal
  • Prep smart once a week and eat healthy meals all week
  • Learn to select healthier options when eating away from home
  • Use charts to keep track of what you eat
  • Supplement with vitamins and minerals when needed
  • Reflect on how you feel

Our Breakthrough Weight Loss Program is available to individuals and groups—and lasts four months. Participants come from Chaddsford, Greenville, Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Boothwyn, West Chester, Kennett Square and North Wilmington for this comprehensive and natural weight-loss approach. Ask us about group sessions in your community or place of employment.

If you’ve had it with the ups and downs of your weight and want to lose it once and for all, schedule an appointment today with a personal health coach. Call 610-358-8822.